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“General Hospital” weekly rundown for November 21 – 25:

I hope those who celebrated had a wonderful Thanksgiving. Although abbreviated due to the holiday, last week was not a good time to be an ABC Daytime fan. Getting the news that plans for All My Children and One Life to Live to migrate had been canceled was kind of like losing them all over again. We also learned that in addition to Jonathan Jackson (Lucky) leaving “General Hospital” in December, Kimberly McCullough (Robin) exits the show. All this makes it difficult to focus on the positive, but as lovers of the genre, we have to support and watch our remaining soaps even if we don’t always agree with what’s happening onscreen. While we hope for the best regarding Daytime, let’s break down the good and the bad that went down in Port Charles last week.

Another goodbye.

How Robin leaves remains to be seen and speculation at this point only leads to frustration. While I wish Kimberly McCullough much success with her directing career, Robin will be missed. Scrubs will be missed. Sadly though, with all Robin’s rich history, she hasn’t been given much in the way of good story lately. It became painful to watch her spend the last couple of years solely dealing with and reacting to crazy Lisa. Hopefully, she’ll be given a worthy exit story and if Jason Thompson sticks around, Patrick will move in a compelling direction, even if it will be weird to see him without his partner in crime since day one.

A glimmer of hope.

Delores stopped by the poorly guarded Zacchara penthouse to question Johnny last week. While the chemistry wasn’t exactly palpable, she did put a much missed gleam in Johnny’s eye. Could she eventually turn out to be the cop Anthony instructed his son to put on their payroll? Delores isn’t the most exciting character ever to grace Port Charles, but this storyline shift could make her more interesting, especially if she does eventually spark with young Zacchara. He certainly needs something more substantial to do as well. Who do you think Johnny’s next hook up?