A brief bask in afterglow. (Soaps.com)

As you can imagine, talking with Bradford Anderson (Spinelli) isn’t boring. In fact, my recent conversation with him was among the loveliest I’ve had since becoming the “All Things GH” for Soaps.com person. He’s a very thoughtful fellow, in that he takes the time to choose his words consciously in lieu of giving the first comment that pops into his head. Granted, he may be somewhat new to the interview game (since he only exploded on the soap scene last year), but I’m guessing this is something he will adhere to throughout his (promising!) career. He’s just that kind of guy.

Let me first share what he had to say about the fact that his character is finally going to have sex with Maxie (or with anybody for that matter!) Bradford said, “The reason why I like (the portrayal of his character and Maxie sleeping together) is that it’s much more character driven than visually driven.” He explained that in most soap sex scenes, the drama is there for the audience’s visual pleasure. He added, “I think what is more valuable to Maxie & Spinelli’s love scene is to see what led them there.” (After seeing yesterday’s episode in which Maxie was more frightened than ever before and Spinelli gently, yet bravely, committed to single-handedly keeping her safe – I completely understood why Bradford is happy with their characters’ physical evolution that led them to one another.)