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“General Hospital” weekly rundown for November 14 – 18:

With all the gloom and doom these days regarding soaps, I really wanted to remain upbeat about “General Hospital” this week. Unfortunately, it’s really hard to do right now. Aside from the spark of fun surrounding Alexis and Ethan’s conversation about Wyndemere, the snail’s pace that every story is being told in is sucking the life out of the show. Hopefully things will turn around this week. There is the Q Thanksgiving to look forward to after all, but for now, let’s break down what happened last week in Port Charles.

Long way to go.
After days of freaking out and crying in the Ireland churchyard, Lucky finally decided to return to Port Charles. Of course, it was prompted by several messages, presumably from Jake, for him to go home because Aiden was sick. Siobhan also visited Lucky in his dreams to deliver more cryptic messages. It seems that most of this could have gone down while he was still in Port Charles and he didn’t need to fly to Ireland just to be told to go home. And what’s with all the warnings the innkeeper gave Lucky? Will there be more to it or was that it? Now that he is on his way back though, let’s hope Aiden heals quickly so Lucky doesn’t have to cry much more before Jonathan Jackson leaves General Hospital in December.

You’re hired?
After being courted by Steve to work as the new pediatrician at General Hospital, Maggie arrived just in time to save Aiden, even though she wasn’t a member of the staff yet. The chief of staff, Robin, doesn’t even want her there and Steve, who had no business hiring anyone in the first place, seemed annoyed by his ex’s presence. It’s a little confusing. Despite that and her rubbing me the wrong way, I’m keeping an open mind if only because it’s giving Steve somewhat of a storyline.