In spite of their conflicted on-camera personas, Soap actors can be a very benevolent bunch. Through this column, tells fans about the charities that some of their favorite actors hold near and dear to their collective hearts. (To read the first in the series, go here: Kids in the Arts.) With Tristan Rogers about to make a long overdue return to Port Chuckles via GH: Nightshift (Tristan Rogers to Star on Night Shift!), we thought it was time to talk about a charity that Tristan supports: Project Cuddle.

Started by the kindness of one woman, Project Cuddle has now saved over 600 of babies across the United States and into Canada from the fate of being abandoned, or worse. It strives to remove the stigma from an unwanted pregnancy and giving young mothers the option of placing their baby in a loving home – even if the decision doesn’t come until she starts labor or after. The official website helps young pregnant women by posing the following questions:

Are you more than three months pregnant?

Do you need help telling your parents?

Have you avoided getting prenatal care?

Do you need shelter?

Will you be harmed if you tell anyone about your pregnancy?

Have you already faced your parents with a previous pregnancy?

Are you afraid of losing a child to “The System”?

Do you feel no love towards this baby?

In addition to infant placements, the charity has created a school video program (featuring Paula Abdul) to educate students on the importance of calling for help instead of abandoning a baby.