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“General Hospital” weekly rundown for November 7 – 11:

While I’m not in love with any of the storylines going on right now, at least I’m finally starting to care about what happens next. Between the aftermath of Franco’s latest attack, Shawn becoming more relatable and Steve’s past coming back to haunt him, things are starting to look more promising in Port Charles. Let’s break it all down.

What just happened?

If nothing else, the fallout from Franco’s latest assault on Sam and Jason has provided us with some great performances by the actors. Steve Burton really knows how to show his pain while trying to hold back the tears. However, I’m not convinced Franco raped Sam. Instead, he could be playing a huge mind game with the Morgans, which is what he enjoys most. Since Franco drugged Sam (resulting in her not remembering anything), obstructed Jason’s view of what was happening and Sam refused to go to the hospital (which seriously disappointed me), they can only jump to conclusions. Aside from there being no proof, the writers might not have gone there because it ruins any fun of having Franco return from time to time. It’s one thing to watch Franco cartoonishly threaten Jason and maybe kill a day-player or two, but it’s a whole other thing if he had sex with a beloved character without her consent. It’s no longer fun to love to hate him. Unless of course this is the end of the line and Jason will finally and permanently rid Port Charles of Franco. Whether he did it or not (if he did, at least we didn’t have to watch it), could a who’s the daddy storyline be coming on? While we wait to see if that’s where this is leading, what do you think should happen to Franco? Vote in our General Hospital Poll: Franco’s Fate.

More than meets the eye.

We finally met Steve’s former girlfriend (?), fling (?), friend (?) Maggie. She definitely raised a few red flags by admitting she was lurking around the hospital in that creepy clown mask and presumably cut up the article of Lisa. Either she boarded the party boat and killed Lisa herself, has a connection to Lisa, or it wasn’t her who cut out the article and it’s just something to throw us off. Whatever the case, I do want to know more about her and Steve’s relationship in Memphis, especially what he is sweeping under the rug. As for Lisa and whoever killed her, it would have nice to have actually seen her body wash ashore. There’s no closure on her death just hearing about it.