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“General Hospital” weekly rundown for October 31 – November 4:

Things seemed to have picked up a little bit in Port Charles since last week and were a little more interesting, but the Franco mess has me a little worried about what’s to come. Let’s break it down.

From dark to darker.
I am glad Franco has finally made his move against Jason and Sam, but him walking towards Sam in the shower while Jason watched, had me pretty concerned about what his intentions were. If Franco assaults Sam in some way, I’m going to be pretty disgusted. I’m with poster Scrimmage, who, in the daily recap comments, suggested maybe Sam is on to Franco, brought a gun with her in the shower, will get the upper hand on him and then save Jason. Wouldn’t that be a nice change of pace for the woman not to be the victim?

Curiouser and curiouser.
Not only am I thrilled that Steve is getting a storyline after two years, but I’m also pretty intrigued by the mystery of it all. He’s got a lady from his past coming to the hospital and Johnny blackmailed him to help Anthony. Could the two be related? I’m not sure what Johnny could possibly be holding over Steve’s head to make him do a favor for the mob, but my interest is definitely piqued. What do you think is going on? Vote in our General Hospital Poll: What Does Johnny Have On Steve?

Off on his own.
Lucky’s story is plugging away as well, as he found the church Siobhan wrote him about. I’m guessing it’s his guilt over Siobhan getting killed, not his undying love for her that is driving him. Either way, he followed her instructions and discovered a message written out with stones that said, “Go.” I would think Ethan or even Luke could be a good companion on his quest, or anyone from Port Charles really, just as long as he isn’t isolated in Ireland by himself for too much longer.