And a new personality, we hope! The not-so-dearly departed Dr. Ian Devlin is gone (albiet not quite forgotten) from Port Charles, but his talented portrayer is alive and well on Lifetime’s “Army Wives” this summer. Seamus Dever is now playing a military doc named Chris “Getti” Ferlinghetti. Apparently he is paired on-screen platonically with Catherine Bell’s character, who is married. So, perhaps he’ll get a chance to test his new squeaky clean image after all? To find out, check him out at 8:00 PM on Monday Nights on Lifetime.

The role is being referred to as “heavily recurring” and the actor is cross-country commuting from LA to South Carolina on his call days. When not on an airplane or on his new scrubs, he’s playing yet another doctor (a psychiatrist) in the stage in a play called “Boise, USA”. As hard as it might be to imagine (based on the fact that his General Hospital character pulled the trigger that took young Michael Corinthos Jr. away forever on GH), Ian also worked in a romantic comedy that is about to be released. It’s called “Ready or Not” and he plays a best man in a wedding party that goes hilariously awry. The film is currently in post-production and is set to be released later this year. congratulates Seamus for his quick turnaround from lethal to lovable!