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Welcome to’s 35th Daytime Emmy Awardslive blog for General Hospital. Okay, so I’m a little early. What can I say, I’m excited.

I hear it was 107 degrees in Los Angeles yesterday when the daytime actors and press were in the midst of their pre-Emmy festivities. I can’t help but wonder how a person keeps a decent hair style under such pressure. Today it’s a balmy 95. Still, I find it hard to look my best in daylight let alone in the heat of the day. Just another ringing endorsement for me to be a behind-the-scenes kind of gal who blogs from the air-conditioned comfort of her home in Ohio.

6:00 PM EST

The red carpet interviews are about to get started and I’ll be back as soon as I spy anyone from GH to tell you about!

6:31 PM EST

Boy does everyone look hot (and I don’t necessarily mean sexy)…some Days actors are being interviewed but the camera flashed to Carolyn Hennesy, so that was fun! She looks fabulous as you might have guessed. A long, fitted black gown with gorgeous beadwork. She was giving a “thumb’s up” sign to someone.

Finola Hughes is one of the SOAPnet interviewers and she has snagged Tristan Rogers for a chat. He says that he’s coming to Night Shift and says that the writers have pretty much (SPOILER HERE) have recreated history and made him NOT a deadbeat dad. He says that Robert and Robin have indeed been in touch all these years, very unlike what has been portrayed on GH. Interesting! (I’ll describe Finola’s dress the next time I spy her.)

Oh she’s back already! Her handkerchief hemline dress is loose and flowing in the breeze. (But at 95 degrees, it must feel like a hair dryer!) It’s purplish with a pattern of some kind. Her hair is down and loosely curled.

6:39 PM EST

Blah, blah, people from other soaps are talking, bragging about being dateless. One guy just showed how his tux pants fit his buttocks. Finola is talking about which guy might win for Outstanding Lead Actor. They discuss all the nominees and say that Anthony Geary is the biggest threat. Here’s why: He’s a five-time Emmy winner, (his character) had three heart attacks this year and even went to hell. Sounds good to me!

6:47 PM EST

Rebecca Buddig is interviewing a girl who is up for the Younger Actress category (the actress who plays Jana) and she seems lovely. I’m a little curious why GH has no nominees in this category. Maxie (Kirsten Storms) was downright evil in 2007 and to no avail!

Finola just said “ridic” instead of “ridiculous”. And she said it on purpose…

While we wait for more GH actors to get some camera time, let me remind you that there are six presenters tonight from GH. Sarah Brown (Claudia), Anthony Geary (Luke), Laura Wright (Carly), Kirsten Storms (Maxie), Jason Cook (Matt, who is debuting on June 26), and Bradford Anderson. With only one actor nominee (Tony Geary) at least we’ll get to see some of our actors on stage! (Do I sound bitter? Sorry.)

Oh, Finola is talking to some GH: Night Shift people. Kent King (Lainey), Minae Noji (Kelly) and Sonya Eddy (Epiphany). Sonya bought her dress off the rack at Nordstrom and she gives a shout out to Vanessa the girl who helped her pick it out. Kent King’s painful-looking Guess pump gets a a Dr. Scholl’s shoe cam shot. Minae has a bright cherry red floor-length dress on and waves as Finola throws it to commercial.

7:01 PM EST

I just saw a quick head shot of Julie Marie Berman (Lulu) and Kirsten Storms (Maxie) standing together, all buddy buddy. That goes to show what great actors they are, they can barely stand each other in Port Charles.

Here’s how I know that I’m a tad too into soaps. They just showed Portia di Rossi and Ellen and I thought, “What the heck are they doing there?” Duh, Daytime Emmy’s include all daytime programming. Geez.

7:08 PM EST

Rebecca Buddig is talking to Susan Lucci and I swear her shoulders are starting to shine under the 100 degree heat. Poor thing. Anyhow, Susan said that she is presenting Best Lead Actor and was a judge in the category. She said it was a very tough competition. (Hint, Tony should win.
If he does, it’ll be Emmy history because he will tie for most wins for the same character. OLTL’s Erika Slezak has won six for her character. This is Tony Geary’s 12th nomination for cryin’ out loud. Some fans get upset because the show gives him such extended vacations, but I say who cares! When he’s gone I just learn to live without him, but when Luke suddenly slides back into the scene everything just because magic again. )

7:16 PM EST

Oh, Antonio Sabato Jr. is on! He’s talking to Rebecca Buddig about bringing Jaggar back to GH (Night Shift). He says that (SPOILER) he’ll have a young son named Stone, named after his younger brother who died of AIDS.

Not that I’m counting or anything, but Rebecca has called him handsome three times.

7:27 PM EST

Julie Marie and Kirsten are being interviewed together. Julie Marie is getting married in August to a real estate guy and loves her “normal life”. Kirsten says that she is presenting for Best Writing tonight and that’s all she has going on right now that’s exciting. She says that she has her fingers crossed because GH is nominated for writing. They both look amazing, and I’ll give you more details about that the next time I get a peek.

Why is Tyra Banks presenting for Lead Actress? She looks great by the way, but stay out of our categories girl. I’d much rather see a soap actor presenting this very big award. Well, truthfully I’d rather see Laura Wright (Carly) or Nancy Lee Grahn (Alexis) or Megan Ward (Kate)as nominees (instead of pre-nominees) but hey, that’s a dead horse for this year.

7:39 PM EST

Finola is interviewing Michelle Stafford from Y&R. She commented that “cleavage is hot” right now, pardon the pun and Michelle seemed relieved to know it since she is showing some!

7:46 PM EST

As the Red Carpet starts to wind down, Finola announces who she thought looked the best so far. Her first pick is Tyra Banks, but she also lists Kent King (Lainey) from GH. Most be those treacherous looking shoes! I’ll sign off for now. Get ready because the Emmy awards begin in just 11 minutes. Sadly GH only has one acting nominee this year, but I’ll do my best to spot the people we want to see even if they aren’t on stage making a speech. I mean, the audience is full of GHers! (In 1982 General Hospital earned 16 of the 18 possible acting nominations. Useless trivia or a sad commentary, you decide!)