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“General Hospital” weekly rundown for September 19 – September 23:

Last week was filled with a lot of romance, but, of course, danger lurked. It is Port Charles after all. Let’s break it all down.

Mr. and Mrs. Stone Cold.
Sam and Jason’s wedding was wonderfully romantic. It may not have been traditional, but that’s what made it so great. Neither Sam nor Jason needed all the trappings. They just wanted to be married, so they took off and ended up at a Chinese restaurant. As luck would have it, the owners’ grandson was an ordained minister who married them. You can always feel the love between the two and it was palpable during their ceremony, which fit the couple perfectly. Of course, Maxie’s head exploded when she found out they eloped, but she ultimately realized she should have taken their wants into consideration before planning the wedding of the century. Some sweet touches were also thrown in there with Alan and Lila’s rings. All in all, it was filled with the romance one expects from a soap and thankfully, despite him lurking, Franco didn’t ruin it. I’d like to see the Chinese restaurant become the new Port Charles hangout. I was kind of digging the grandson and Port Charles could certainly use a little more diversity.

The next to get hitched?
Jason and Sam didn’t have a monopoly on romance last week, as Dante put his heart on the line when he proposed to Lulu. It probably wasn’t the best timing considering they were broken up, but his speech about him being a work in progress, but a good investment, was pretty sweet. You could see his heart fall, as he backed away from her when she couldn’t say yes. She ultimately decided to accept this proposal though, but by episode’s end on Friday, she was left waiting for him, as it looked like Anthony Zacchara had other plans for her intended.