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“General Hospital” weekly rundown for September 12 – September 16:

The things that stood out the most for me last week centered around a few returns and a few smaller moments. Let’s break it all down.

She’s back?
Anthony visited a comatose Lisa last week. All I have to say about the thought of her returning is: Crap. I really have no interest in seeing her wreak more havoc for Patrick and Robin. What do you think? Vote in our General Hospital Poll: Should Lisa Return?

An iffy return.
Luke also reappeared last week. While I haven’t missed the character, I was glad to see he was still apparently guilt ridden over all that’s happened. He shouldn’t be let off the hook for Jake or his alcoholism any time soon. I especially liked that Skye wouldn’t tell him anything about his family, suggesting he find out what was going on himself. Instead of doing that though, Luke just lurked and eavesdropped. Even though Luke has never been a favorite character of mine, he is back, so I hope he doesn’t hide in the shadows for too long.

A more welcome return.
Kelly Sullivan debuted as Kate Howard last week. While she’s not Megan Ward, I thought she was believable in the role and I am glad the character of Kate is back. A recast is a tricky thing especially when the character is so beloved, but I think after time, she’ll make it her own. The real test will be if she has any chemistry with Sonny, although, I might prefer to see how she fares with Coleman. But if she and Sonny do spark, I can only hope she is the one who helps facilitate his redemption. While it’s interesting to watch Sonny be on the outside looking in everywhere these days, I’m a little tired of hating him.