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Port Charles Fashion.

We’re back with the latest installment of our fashion scoop with “General Hospital’s” Head of Wardrobe, Mary Iannelli!

Q: Who makes Lulu’s purple, green and black dress from August 12?

A: Lulu’s dress is by Jaloux.

Q: Where can I find Skye’s black dress from August 9 – 11?

A: Skye’s black dress is by Alberto Feretti.

Q: Where can I find the heart necklace/pendant with the long chain that Lulu wore on May 26?

A: Lulu’s heart pendant is by Juicy Couture.

Q: Where can I find Skye’s black leather jacket from August 31?

A: Skye’s leather jacket is by Ellie Tahari.

Q: Where can I get Olivia’s kelly green silk dress from August 30?

A: Olivia’s silk dress is Marc by Marc Jacobs.

Q: Where can I find Maxie’s navy blue and red striped dress from August 31?

A: Maxie’s dress is by French Connection.

Dina: Who designed Maxie’s purple dress from August 9 – 12?

A: Maxie’s dress is two pieces. The hot pink dress is by French Connection and the apron is by Alberto Feretti.

Elizabeth, Mandy: Who makes the pink top with the slightly off shoulder left sleeve that Robin wore on August 12 – 16?