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“General Hospital” weekly rundown for September 5 – September 9:

While still not thrilling me, last week’s “General Hospital” has given me hope for what could be. There are glimpses of promising storylines about to break, so let’s get to it.

It’s about time.
I loved Steve and Olivia’s sexy shower scene. I especially like that there’s a mystery forming regarding Steve’s past. When Olivia suggested they visit his old stomping grounds, Memphis, Tennessee, he quickly diverted her attention elsewhere. What is he hiding? I don’t know, but after almost two years of him being back in Port Charles, I’m excited he is finally getting a storyline of his own. What do you think Steve is trying to keep covered up? Vote in our General Hospital Poll: Steve’s Secret.

Same story new characters.

The writers just crafted a story for Jason based on his long ago car accident that was affecting his present. In the same week that Jason woke up from his surgery resulting from that decades old injury, Kristina underwent surgery because, as it will be revealed this week, of the bomb Sonny planted for Johnny, but endangered Kristina a year ago. It’s great to use history to form current storylines, but they are relying on the exact same plot device for two different story arcs in the same week. It seems like they could have come up with something else to differentiate it a little bit.

Dr. Badass.
Patrick didn’t take any crap from anyone last week, including the town mobsters. He ordered crazy Anthony out of his hospital, laid down the law with Jason, who wanted to leave the hospital early, and didn’t kowtow to Sonny, who demanded he save his daughter. In fact, he put the off-his-meds Don squarely in his place. Patrick has his sensitive moments with Robin and his daughter, but he is no pushover. Being reminded of that last week made me love the character even more.

The wedding planner.

Maxie has fully thrown herself into planning Sam and Jason’s wedding. Her overeager enthusiasm has been a bright spot in a sea of otherwise less than enthralling storylines. What I really like though, is that Sam isn’t all that concerned about the wedding. She’s just happy to have Jason back and alive and could seemingly take or leave the actually wedding. It’s refreshing to see a woman on a soap not act so single minded when it comes to getting married.