Restaurant of love.

Updated September 19:

As Jason and Sam’s wedding week begins, the last fortune cookie has been opened. Remember, these clues could pertain to guests at the ceremony, not just the happy couple. Take a look at the last teaser and discuss your theories on what they all mean below.

“Love will haunt you.”

Updated September 16:

The latest fortune cookie reads:

“Love awakens the best of us – and the worst of us.”

For more on what’s to come during the week of wedding festivities, watch’s Video Interview with General Hospital’s Kelly Monaco and Steve Burton at our sister site Soap Opera Fan Blog.

Updated September 14:

The wedding’s almost here! Check out a sneak peek of how Sam and Jason end up at a Chinese restaurant for their wedding at’s sister site Soap Opera Fan Blog’s General Hospital Spoiler Video: Surprise Wedding.

And of course, here is the latest fortune cookie teaser:

“Love is…conceivable.”

Does that mean what we think it means?

Updated September 12:

The next fortune cookie teases:

“Love wears a familiar face, but masks an unknown pain.”

Discuss below.

Updated September 8:

The next fortune cookie message reads:

“Love lies bleeding.”

What do you think that means? Share your theories below.

Originally posed September 6:

Things looked pretty dicey last week for Jason Morgan (Steve Burton) as he underwent surgery to remove a piece of AJ’s (then played by Sean Kanan, Deacon, “The Young and the Restless”) dashboard that was sucked up through his nose in the car accident many years ago. Since that incident changed him forever, no one knew what would become of Jason once he woke up from his latest surgery. Luckily for Sam (Kelly Monaco), it seems he’s the same old Jason as the two continue planning their wedding and actually exchange vows.

While the happy couple finally gets married, they don’t exactly go the traditional route, despite all the recent planning. It seems instead of a church, Jason and Sam get hitched in a Chinese restaurant. We’re not sure how exactly that happens, but we have to wonder if it has anything to do with James Franco’s upcoming return as Franco. Feel free to share your theories below.

While you’re musing on the wedding and Franco’s presence, you might also take a minute to ponder what the cryptic clues given to mean. While the teasers from ABC of what’s to come came in fortune cookies to commemorate Jason and Sam’s wedding, we don’t know for sure who they relate to. We’ll share more in the upcoming weeks, but for now, here’s the first fortune:

“Love is around the corner – right or left?”

Jason and Sam’s wedding arc begins September 19 and culminates September 23. Make sure you tune in to see how it all goes down.