Scott Baldwin fans will be happy to learn that not only is he due to reappear on the General Hospital canvas very soon, the General Hospital Fan Club Weekend has just added a Kin Shriner fan event to the offering for July.

Shriner took his summer vacation early this year and spent time in his Fort Lauderdale, Florida home as well as other destinations. His fan events are known for his unique storytelling and since he’s been on GH (on and off) for over thirty years, he has some pretty colorful personal anecdotes to share with his fans. His event on Monday, July 14 will wrap up a full weekend of interaction between GH actors and fans and will take place at 4:30 PM in Studio City’s Sportsman’s Lodge Vista Room. Tickets are $60 each and will be available at the door as well as the Kickoff Party on Thursday July 10 and Fan Club Luncheon on Saturday, July 12. For complete details of the weekend’s events, click here: GH Fan Club Info.

With Scotty back on the scene, it will be interesting to see how he handles learning that his son Logan is now working for Anthony Zacchara. As an attorney, one would think he wouldn’t want his son involved with such crooked business. But all Scotty fans know that he’s not exactly the most ethical guy to ever put on a pin-striped suit. He could very well enjoy his son’s entry-level position and find a way to use it for his own gain. In any case, any time Kin Shriner (or Scott Baldwin!) is around, it’s sure to be entertaining. is happy to welcome Kin back for what will undoubtedly be an exciting summer in Port Charles.