As “Latest News” section reported earlier this week, SOAPnet’s Night Shift will definitely make a summer return this year. (Click here if you missed it! GH: Night Shift.) We’ll have to wait until Tuesday nights in July to see exactly where the story lines will pick up, but we do know that there will be a few new faces working that wee-hour shift this year. We can’t report who has been cast or what the characters will be like just yet, but there is some speculation that perhaps Antonio Sabato, Jr. (ex-Jaggar Cates) might be part of the picture. All we know is that he’s been seen recently at the ABC studios where GH is shot. Billy Dee Williams is another name being bantered about. His role as the janitor named Toussaint who made Epiphany practically swoon was mysterious but did they leave any loose ends to tie up for a second season? We’ll find out soon enough.

Hopefully watching GH during the day and Night Shift at night will be a tad easier to follow this year because has learned that the storylines will indeed coincide this year. Last year die-hard GH fans found it hard to follow because major characters like Jason Morgan and Robin Scorpio were doing one thing by night and there was very little (if any!) connection to what they were doing on our soap during the day. In any case, we have 13 new episodes of Night Shift coming our way and I, for one, am eager to give it another shot.

Join me?

Julie Clark Robinson
GH News & Recap Writer