Welcome Professor Pete! The last time Eddie Matos was in Port Charles, New York, he was a rocker named Ricky on GH spinoff, Port Charles.

In the Oct. 3 issue of SOD, Matos says that his new character is “more of a Banana Republic kind of guy, which I like.” Apparently, the blazers and sweaters that he will be wearing as PCU professor is more to his liking than the funky clothes he wore as Ricky Garza on Port Charles.

In between acting jobs, Matos reports to have become somewhat of an outdoorsman. He’s been surfing, taking in sunsets and private beaches in Malibu. All calming influences in his life, according to the actor.

When not playing the professor who browbeats Lulu in class,Matos also plays in a band, 23 Link Chain.

Welcome Back Eddie!