Not exactly picture perfect. (

“General Hospital” weekly rundown for August 22 – 26:

Last week proved Liz needs to rethink her line of work, Jax said goodbye to Port Charles again, Spinelli revealed his pain and women fantasized about Jason. It was a pretty decent week all in all, but of course there are things I’d like to see unfold differently. Let’s break it down.

In need of a career change.
Elizabeth needs to leave nursing behind her. In addition to the mistakes she made in the wake of Jake’s death, last week, she failed to notice Siobhan’s monitors were off and that she was practically dead. Then, she froze when Lucky discovered Siobhan was in fact dead and did nothing to help Steve try and revive her. Maybe she should return to painting, which used to be her passion. At least she can’t kill anyone with a paintbrush.

Until next time.

Jax left town again after hearing Carly say she was going to keep her kids away from Sonny. Apparently that was enough to make him finally feel safe enough to leave Josslyn in her care. However, she’s made that promise before when she forced Sonny to sign away his rights to his children. That didn’t exactly last too long. I’m not sure I buy Jax leaving his daughter altogether, Sonny or no Sonny, but it was nice to see his character sort of be restored through conversations with Skye and flashbacks of him with Carly.

Convoluted plan.

Speaking of Skye, Jax learned of her association with Anthony before he left. She explained to her ex she was trying to secure her daughter’s future by wheeling and dealing with the mobster. I would think a better and safer way to go would be to suck up even more to Edward. But then she probably wouldn’t have a storyline.