New addition to the family.

Updated March 5, 2012:

Greg Vaughan shared some good news on Twitter today: “Well after last night’s premiere of Good Christian Belles, what better way to start my week than the birth of our newest son today!”

Congratulations Greg and Touriya!

Updated October 28, 2011:

Greg has announced via social media that he and Touriya are having another boy.

Originally posted August 24, 2011:

Taking to Twitter to share his good news, Greg Vaughan (ex-Lucky) announced that he and his wife were expecting their third child. After posting a photo of the positive pregnancy test, he tweeted, “Thank you all for so much! We feel truly blessed to have another gift of life in our family! Boy? Girl? I’ve done my part. I’ll leave it up to the good man upstairs on sex of the child!”

Greg and his wife Touriya already have two children Jathan and Cavan. Watch the happy couple on “The Newlywed Game” from 2009.