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“General Hospital” weekly rundown for August 15 – 19:

Last week moved some plots forward, while sort of idling Jason’s story in anticipation of the upcoming fantasy scenes. That fun begins next Friday when he undergoes surgery due to the foreign object in his brain. While we wait for that fun to begin, let’s get to what did happen in Port Charles last week.

Turning the tables.
In a nice change of pace, Dante arrested Sonny for assaulting him and, I think, for tampering with Jax’s plane, which crashed. Although, to be fair, Jax took the risk by flying the plane after seeing the tampered wires. Not that Sonny wasn’t going to have him killed anyway, but still. It was refreshing to watch Dante call Sonny out on all his crap and not buckle under his conflicted feelings about this father like he usually does. His line that Sonny’s whole life was an abuse of power was the most spot on thing I’ve heard on this show in a long time. I also dug the scene of Jax confronting Sonny in prison. I loved watching Jax get tough with Sonny, without sounding like the whiner he’s been for the past few months. I was disappointed it was a dream though. I was hoping Jax was letting Sonny know he was alive, but he was going to make everyone else believe Sonny caused his death as payback. He did turn up in the flesh at the end of Friday’s episode though, when Skye found him passed out on the docks. I’m curious to see where Jax goes from here. I wouldn’t mind if he just stuck around.

On her own.

Speaking of Skye, she’s been rattling Tracy with talk of her nemesis’ past with Gino Soleito. This will somehow benefit her, which is somehow connected to Anthony. Those details aside, I’m intrigued as to why they’ve brought up this aspect of Tracy’s past and where they are going with it. It’s fun to watch the women go at each other and even more entertaining to see Tracy in her very own storyline. One that doesn’t involve her louse of a husband Luke. Read more about her past at Tracy’s History With Gino Soleito.