A trip down memory lane.

For those of you who don’t remember or didn’t watch “General Hospital” or “The City” in the mid-90s, here’s a brief recap of Tracy’s (Jane Elliot) history with mobster Gino Soleito (Al Martino/Joseph Sirola), which Skye (Robin Christopher) has been referencing lately.

From 1996-1997, Tracy crossed over to the “Loving” spin-off “The City.” While on the outs with the Quartermaines, Tracy moved into Sydney Chase’s (Morgan Fairchild) SoHo penthouse with a young Dillon (in later years played by Scott Clifton). When she became strapped for cash, Tracy set her sights on rich mobster Gino Soleito. Despite his daughter Carla (Amy Van Horne) being opposed to the union, they became engaged. As Tracy mentioned, she faked getting the measles on their wedding night. Fearing that excuse would begin to wear thin, she hired a prostitute to pretend to be her. However, Gino died in bed and Tracy hid him in the basement. She then discovered important papers that helped her become the new head of the Soleito family for a brief period. At one point during this time, she hired people to pretend to be her estranged family and also hired men to rob the Qs on Thanksgiving. Tracy didn’t return to Port Charles again until 2003.

What else do you remember about Tracy and Gino? Feel free to add to the history below and check out a clip of Tracy with her fake family on “The City.” You might also recognize Lisa LoCicero (Lisa) who played Jocelyn Roberts in a scene with Randolph Mantooth, who played Alex on “The City,” as well as Richard Halifax on “General Hospital from 1992 – 1993, Hal on “As the World Turns” from 2004 – 2005 and Kirk on “One Life to Live” in 2007.