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“General Hospital” weekly rundown for August 8 – 12:

I don’t have strong opinions, good or bad, about what happened last week in Port Charles. I still feel like everything that is going on is build up to hopefully a really good story that will grab me. I’m definitely still enjoying the character interactions and see the potential for what’s to come, so let’s break it all down.

Tunnel vision.
I’m going to assume that Sonny is still off his meds since he ran around Port Charles like a crazy person with the sole intent of tracking down Jax. He pretended it was to get Josslyn back, but we all know it was because Sonny blames Jax for Brenda leaving. Sonny’s lowest point, of course, came when Sam told him about Jason’s accident, but Sonny’s rage seemed to drown out her words. He left the hospital without seeing his BFF and then punched out his son Dante on Jax’s plane. Time to start popping those pills Mr. Sir.

Strained work environment.

Robin’s new job has moved her from being an overeager, micromanager to getting caught in the middle of Matt and Patrick. I’m liking the latter dilemma much better. It’s more interesting to watch the dynamics play out between Robin and the egotistical doctor brothers, than to watch Patrick, Matt and Steve whine about their overbearing, uncompromising, female boss.