Carly and Maxie impress at the Metro Court. (

Port Charles Fashion.

We’re back with the latest installment of our fashion scoop with “General Hospital’s” Head of Wardrobe, Mary Iannelli!

Krista: Where did you get Maxie’s red blazer from July 20?

A: Maxie’s blazer is by H & M.

Thomas: Who designed the green tie worn by Jax on July 19?

A: Jax’s tie is by Tasso Elba.

Dana: Who made Alexis’ hoop earrings from July 21?

A: Alexis’ earrings are from Nordstrom.

Monique: Where can I find Carly’s necklace from July 6?

A: Carly’s necklace is from Bloomingdales.

Katie, Tara, Monique: Who designed Maxie’s orange top from July 22?

A: Maxie’s orange top is by Trina Turk.

Leyah: Where can I find Elizabeth’s necklace from July 11?

A: Elizabeth’s necklace is from Anthropologie.

Sue: Where can I find Lulu’s floral and zebra print bag from July 28?

A: Lulu’s bag is by Betsey Johnson.

Kim, Val: Who designed Robin’s black dress from July 29?

A: Robin’s dress is by Milly.