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“General Hospital” weekly rundown for August 1 – 5:

I have been enjoying all the character development on “General Hospital” over the last two weeks, but now I need a griping storyline to go along with it. I am encouraged by the changes already made and am enjoying the balance of characters and plots throughout, but I sort of feel like everything on the canvas is just a big history lesson until we get to something good. Due to the changes already made though, I remain hopeful, so let’s break it all down.

A new man?
I was left a little perplexed by Jason’s behavior towards Carly last week. I agree boundaries need to be set for her when it comes to him and Sam and it’s nice to see him put Sam first, but, for me, the scene didn’t really jive with the Jason I’ve known all this time. I feel like he would have at least talked to Carly privately about the engagement, if for no other reason than to make sure she didn’t freak out like she did. He seemed to just dismiss her feelings and go along with Sam, which didn’t feel right to me. Thankfully, he left Sam at home when he went with Carly to look for Jax. This of course led to them getting into a car accident. It seems Jason will have some medical issues, which has led some to speculate he will revert back to Jason Quartermaine. While I’m all for Jason reconnecting with his family, I hope that won’t be the case. Jason Morgan is who we’ve come to love over the years. Jason Quartermaine was just a nice guy who wanted to be a doctor. Kind of bland. I will weep openly if we never get to see Stone Cold’s exasperated expressions or annoyed eye rolls again. Do you think Carly was right to be so upset with Jason? Vote in our General Hospital Poll: Jason’s Behavior Towards Carly.

An explanation for everything.

Apparently Sonny has been acting like such an ass lately because he’s been off his bipolar meds for the last three months. Is that why he set Jax up? Or is that just his nature? I kind of believe it’s the latter, but we do have to root for Sonny at least a little bit, so I guess that explanation is as good as any. My question is though, why exactly did he go off them in the first place? Was it all the stress from the Suzanne/Alec debacle?