Not getting off the hook so easily. (

“General Hospital” weekly rundown for July 25 – 29:

What a difference a week makes! Garin Wolf’s episodes as head writer finally started airing and it’s like a whole new show. I had been feeling like there was a dark cloud hanging over Port Charles lately, but it seems to have passed. This week’s blog is heavy on the rave side of things, which hasn’t happened in some time, so let’s break it all down.

A brand new day.

Garin was clearly sending out a message to his fans as his very first episode as head writer on Tuesday featured Helena, who actually felt like a formidable presence again, Nikolas, who had been given his best stuff in quite some time, Monica, who finally confronted Jason about Jake and Robin and Patrick, feeling the love and hopefully ending the silly Robin as a tyrant storyline. The rest of the week was equally as great. Sure, it was a little awkward at times to hear some characters trying to fit so much history into their conversations, but every single person referred to their past in every episode last week. And there was no mob activity. It’s clear Gavin Wolf is telling the fans he’s on their side when it comes to history, character and story. I for one am excited to visit Port Charles every day again. What do you think? Vote in our General Hospital Poll: Reaction To Garin Wolf As Head Writer.

As he should be.

I’m not sure if we’ll be seeing more of him, but from the first scene of Nikolas emerging from the shadows on the island to talk to Lulu, I had faith the real Nikolas had returned. The ensuing scenes of him going up against his grandmother, who actually felt like a genuine threat instead of the cartoonish villain she’s become, and sharing his bitterness with Lulu over his role in the family is how he should have been written all along. Sure, I’m glad he has a relationship with his siblings and has a heart, but he should have always felt like someone you did not want to cross. I loved the Godfather-esque kiss he gave Helena, telling her to not bet on what he would do next. I don’t care what he does, I just hope we get to witness it.