“Something was stripped away from him in prison and he wants to fill that gap…”

Soaps.com chatted with Chad Duell (Michael) in the green room at the recent General Hospital Fan Club Main Cast Event. Before he was whisked off for the Q&A with the fans, he shared his insight into Michael working at ELQ and why he’s so insistent on being part of his other family business.

Soaps.com: What’s happening with Michael right now at ELQ?

Chad: Well, you know, he’s there trying to do his thing, if you will. He’s there for Abby (Andrea Bogart), but he’s starting to realize he’s kind of enjoying it a little bit because he’s starting to make some moves. He feels like he can kind of see himself there, but it’s not where his heart’s at though. He’d like to be in the mob more than he’d like to be at ELQ, but he’s doing it for Abby. That’s all I can really say. He’s trying to get by there long enough for Abby to have a solid job.

Soaps.com: Will Michael be butting heads more with Asher (DaJuan Johnson)?

Chad: Michael has little hunches that Asher is up to something. He’s not a hundred percent sure who he’s working with, or whatever, but we haven’t butted heads yet. It very well could come to that because Michael has subtle hints, but they’re probably going to at some point reveal what his intentions really are and Michael for all I know will punch him in the face or something. We’ll see what happens.

Soaps.com: What do you think about Michael wanting to be in the mob despite his experience in prison?

Chad: I think as an actor it’s kind of a silly, or dumb of a notion, considering what he just went through and all of the support that he gets from everybody and the opportunities that are in front of him that he would go to a place that can get him killed and get sent back to prison. I think it’s not very smart, but it creates drama so they’re going to have it in there. I personally don’t think it’s a smart idea, as an actor, because he’s just going to throw his life away in a millisecond by getting sent back to prison where horrible things happened to him. Why you would want to risk going back there? I don’t know.

Soaps.com: As a character, why do you think Michael still wants to be in the mob?

Chad: Well, you know, it’s a power thing too. Once he got out of prison, he swore to himself he would never let anyone make him feel small and helpless as Carter [Josh Wingate] did to him and there’s a part of him that wants to have the power now after feeling completely powerless. Something was stripped away from him in prison and he wants to fill that gap with the mob or to have power, so that’s why I think [he still wants in].

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– Lori Wilson