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Updated on May 13th:

Brandon’s live chat on the Message Board will be tonight (May 13th) at 10:00 PM (EST). Join us!

Here’s what’s great about relative newcomer Brandon Barash (the oh-so handsome, yet conflicted Johnny Zacchara). Not only did he respond promptly to’s interview, he has graciously accepted our invitation for a live chat on our General Hospital Message Board at some point (yet to be determined) later this week.

His publicist, Mia, and I are working out the details, but in the meantime, here is what Brandon wants us to know about himself and his work on General Hospital.

Julie Clark Robinson, First of all, tell us how you feel about being on GH now that you’ve settled into your role. You are on contract, right? Can you tell us how long it is for?

Brandon Barash: Being on GH is not too dissimilar to being a part of a tightly-knit family. The great thing is, it’s been like that since day one, and now that I’m on contract, I get to see my “family” even more!

Julie: Is there anyone in particular who made you feel at home right away? Who do you enjoy doing scenes with the most? Who haven’t you worked with yet that you would really like to?

Brandon: Bradford (Spinelli) and Julie (Lulu) took me under their wings immediately and showed me some of the ins and outs. Lately I’ve been having most of my scenes with Bruce (Anthony Z.), Stephen (Trevor), Julie, Tony (Luke), and Sarah (Claudia). We come to work, we’re prepared…so we play. The great thing about them is that we’re always digging to find ways to lift our conversations off the page in an interesting and memorable way. The caveat is that we’re never satisfied! I haven’t had the chance to work too much with Laura (Carly) and Tyler (Nikolas). I’d love to have that opportunity.

Julie: I see that you’ve been doing some fan events, how do you feel about them so far?

Brandon: The fan events are a blast. I never knew we had so many loyal fans out there, many of whom hop from event to event. It’s a nice feeling to know that your work affects people to the point that they feel that loyalty.