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“General Hospital” weekly rundown for July 18 – 22:

Last week’s “General Hospital” picked up a little bit with some impressive farewell performances, the conclusion of an atrocious storyline and one hot romance. Let’s break it all down.

See ya later.
They finally gave Brenda and Sonny some compelling scenes last week. Too bad they happened just as she was leaving town. They shared some of the most honest scenes I’ve seen on a soap in some time, as Brenda told Sonny she didn’t even like him anymore after what he did to Jax and Sonny pointed out he was never the man she fell in love with. His proclamation that his need for power trumped everything, even love, was probably the most self aware he’s ever been. I was happy to see Brenda leave town a stronger version of herself, but I do wish we could have seen more of her confiding in Robin before she did. I was relieved to see the friends touch base, but I feel the writers really neglected that relationship. It’s kind of fitting though that Brenda made her exit with Jax considering what Sonny did to him was the reason she left. I don’t expect Sonny to deal with that too well. Carly either for that matter.

Saying goodbye.
Aside from Jax’s departure, another casualty of the demise of Jax and Carly’s was the sweet relationship between Jax and Morgan. I was happy to see the beat played out of Jax saying goodbye to his stepson, who he had grown so close to, before he left. Of the tearful scenes with Ingo Rademacher, Aaron Sanders (Morgan) shared with me at the “General Hospital” Fan Club Weekend: “It was actually saying goodbye to him. I had been there the whole year, made a great friendship with him. It was actually saying goodbye. It was tough. It played out very well. I’m glad with what had happened and it was great.” What do you see as the biggest casualty from Jax and Carly’s break-up? Vote in our General Hospital Poll: In Jax And Carly’s Wake.

Love soap opera style.

As one couple dismantled last week, another grew even closer. Jason’s sweeping proposal was truly the definition of soap opera romance. The beautiful rooftop setting, along with the usually stoic Jason gushing (at least for him) about how much he loved Sam and wanted to spend his life with her was pretty perfect. I adored her line when she told him she felt his love in the little things, like every time he looked back at her before he left the room. Who doesn’t want that kind of love? Sure, it may be unattainable, but that was the perfect example of why I got hooked on soaps in the first place. The only thing possibly better than the romance of it all was the comedy between Maxie and Jason leading up to the actual proposal. This story was hands down the best part of the week. Maybe even the month.