Getting personal.

Per Soaps in Depth, Robert LaSardo (ex-Manny/Mateo) has a new book out. Titled “Playing With Fire,” it contains the actor’s personal confessions, poetry and photographs exploring themes of spiritual conflict, emotional damage and love. LaSardo’s memoir is on sale today, July 12, available through Amazon, other book retailers and at Robert LaSardo’s website.

If you’ll recall, Manny terrorized Carly (Laura Wright) and Jason (Steve Burton), but his main obsession was Sam (Kelly Monaco). Jason threw him off the hospital roof to his death in 2006. His identical brother Mateo, a reformed gang member who became a priest, briefly popped up and was last seen around the time of the Metro Court Hostage crisis. Would you like to see Manny rise from the dead or Mateo return to Port Charles? Vote and comment below.