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“General Hospital” weekly rundown for June 27 – July 1:

Last week gave us a rushed, but touching goodbye, a return, unsettling circumstances and more of the same bickering. Other things occurred as well, as so let’s break it all down.

After giving Aiden to Lucky and Elizabeth, Nikolas left Port Charles last week. While the goodbye scenes between the brothers were great, I’m not sure I buy Nikolas giving up the rights to a boy he believed was his own. Not to mention, it all seemed a little rushed. If Tyler Christopher hadn’t been let go from “General Hospital,” I imagine this could have taken months to play out. Perhaps if we’d seen Nikolas getting another DNA test or coming to his decision over the course of a couple of weeks, I would have bought it. Him just handing Aiden over, while holding on to the idea that he was his son, after just one week of learning the truth, didn’t sit right with me. But, even though it was all very rushed, watching Nikolas grapple with fatherhood, losing Emily and being Lucky’s brother made me wish he was sticking around. There are a lot of layers to the character and so much more they could do with him, especially when he gets all bad ass Cassadine. And with Helena back in town, it might have been fun to see them team up to keep Aiden in the fold. At least he left on humorous note though when Lucky asked what was up with him not having an accent despite him living in Russia and Greece until he was a teenager. As previously reported, Nikolas will return in August to wrap things up with Lulu. I am happy for that, because that really is a huge loose end. There’s no way he would just vanish without saying goodbye to his sister.

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Now what?
Speaking of Helena, she returned last week. It’s too bad she came just as Nikolas left, because I always enjoyed their interactions. I’m not sure how long she’s sticking around this time, or what her agenda is, but I’m not sure I want to see her just skulk around making digs at and threats to Lucky. Luke at least needs to return so we can see more of their unsettling, sexually charged banter.