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“General Hospital” weekly rundown for June 20 – June 24:

Last week, Lisa’s reign of terror ended, the truth about Aiden came out and we were treated to a much needed dose of humor. A few other things happened as well, so let’s get to it.

Ding dong! The witch is dead.

Okay, Lisa’s not dead, but she is in a coma. Sure, she could wake up at any time, but for now, I will enjoy a Lisa-free environment. It was a pretty lame exit in my opinion though. The whole “kangaroo court” was really boring with no real suspense and despite her stabbing herself with the syringe, which was the only interesting twist, Lisa just fell into a coma and was wheeled out. Done. After so many months of watching her terrorize Robin and Patrick, she really went out with a whimper. Not to mention, I was truly baffled over her not being handcuffed after Dante took her down. Did no one think she could wake up and run off or strike out again? It was pretty ridiculous. I also found it funny that everyone went back to business as usual after their ordeal. Robin gave Sam her pregnancy results like nothing just happened and Steve performed surgery. Really? Doesn’t anyone need some down time to collect themselves after being held hostage and almost killed?

The truth is out.
I was getting a little worried, so I was thrilled to see Rebecca Herbst return as Elizabeth in time to tell Lucky that Aiden was his son. Lucky took the news in stride, but Nikolas had a much different reaction to hearing he wasn’t in fact the boy’s father. After Elizabeth forgave Luke for killing Jake, Lucky forgave Elizabeth and Siobhan for keeping the truth about Aiden from him and Siobhan forgave Lucky for setting the fire that almost got her killed, it was refreshing to see someone have an angry reaction to upsetting news. I loved seeing the fire in Nikolas as he accused Elizabeth of making it up in order to save Lucky and ordered her to never speak of it again. It was so deliciously Cassadine of him. I’ve really missed that since they’ve been playing Nikolas for such a wimp lately. I’m disappointed he’ll be leaving this week and feel there is a lot more story for the brothers to mine in the aftermath of the paternity reveal. I’m hoping that new head writer Garin Wolf’s decree that “sometimes they come back” refers to him.