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“General Hospital” weekly rundown for June 6 – June 10:

Last week, Port Charles lightened up a little bit, but still remained a tad puzzling. We were also given a peek at the new head writer’s vision for the show, along with news of a lauded scriptwriter joining the team. It’s a hopeful time in Port Charles, so let’s get to it.

Big news.

Garin Wolf recently discussed his plans for the future of General Hospital in an interview with TV Guide. His declarations of balancing out the canvas, using the mob as just a backdrop, telling generational stories, using the Quartermaines more and even featuring Wyndemere (meaning Nikolas might not be leaving after all) was all very positive and what the fans have been wanting to hear. Hopefully he’ll live up to his word and we’ll see some big changes on the canvas soon. One of those changes will include soon-to-be former head writer of “One Life to Live” Ron Carlivati who is joining the writing team after “OLTL” goes off the air. While I don’t love all of his stories in Llanview, most of his stories are steeped in genuine emotion, humor and history. Just as long as there are no split personalities introduced in Port Charles, I’m good.

Heartbreak leads to humor.
Since we haven’t seen Maya in ages, I thought Ethan finding her in bed with another man was going to happen off screen. I was so happy it didn’t, because watching it play out definitely gave Ethan’s heartbreak more heft. Nathan Parsons had me close to tears as he was forced to say goodbye to his wife of convenience, who he was starting to have genuine feelings for. Kudos to the actor who proved he had the dramatic chops to pull that off. Ethan of course turned around and headed to the Dominican Republic in a hung over stupor while trying to get rid of Sonny Corinthos’ barely legal daughter, who crashed his divorce. His bad boy swagger intact, combined with Alexis and Sonny freaking out over the thought of Kristina running off to get married, provided us with some much needed comic relief in what seems to be a sea of grief and anguish in Port Charles these days.