Adventures in surfing.

Updated June 16:

Actress Carolyn Hennesey (Diane, “General Hospital”) will be doing an appearance on “Bucket & Skinner’s Epic Adventures.” ABC Soaps In Depth is reporting that she is taping a guest-starring role this week.

Original article June 7:

Julie Marie Berman (Lulu) will soon be seen on the new Nickelodeon show “Bucket & Skinner’s Epic Adventures.” The show, which premieres on July 1, is a comedy about two surfer high school students. According to Soaps In Depth, Berman plays world class surfer Vera, the older sister of Aloe. She incurs Aloe’s jealousy when she returns to town to be honored by the mayor.

At this time, the soap actress is only slated for one episode, but things could change. However, she assured the magazine she does not plan on leaving “General Hospital” anytime soon. No word on when Julie’s episode will air.