A dark past. (Soaps.com)

“General Hospital” weekly rundown for May 31 – June 3:

It was more of the same in Port Charles last week. Luckily all the angst was broken up a little bit with some David girl humor. It’s just too bad there wasn’t more of it to go around though. Let’s break it all down.

Secrets uncovered.

We started to learn more about Shawn, the glorified manny, last week. Namely, that he was involved in a friendly fire incident while serving as a marine. This week should shed more light on that situation and I’m looking forward to learning more because, aside from his attitude towards Jax, he’s an interesting character and has amazing presence. I’d love to see him in a romance, but I don’t think Carly should be it. He could be her Jason number two, but I don’t feel any romantic chemistry between them yet. Regardless of that issue, what do you think about Jax exposing Shawn’s past? Vote in our General Hospital Poll: Shawn Versus Jax.

Where’s the love?

Brenda and Sonny continued to argue about the dangers of his business and if she and Alec were safe in his world. Blah, blah, blah. I found it humorous that through sobs and tears, Brenda told Sonny she was only happy when she was with him. Wow. I’d hate to see her unhappy, which I think is the problem with their story. They haven’t been allowed to just enjoy being together, robbing the viewers of a satisfying reunion. They went from being separated, to getting married, to her being kidnapped, to them arguing over her child and his business. Add that to her being an emotional wreck all the time and it’s just no fun. I did agree with her outrage though when Sonny said she should leave the parenting of his kids to him. I understand it’s difficult when your new spouse offers input on kids you’ve been raising for over a decade, but they are married now and I don’t blame her for feeling shut out of such an important part of his life. Especially when he acts like such an ass. Of course, as is the standard these days, Brenda came around to seeing things Sonny’s way after hearing from emotionally scarred Michael and Kristina how great Sonny was as a father. I really wish she could stand her ground with him on something. Anything.

Lost soul.

Lulu is at her wits end trying to make things right for Luke, even though he skipped out on rehab. Luckily she’s got Dante, Tracy and Maxie looking out for her. However, I’d rather she went on that adventure with Dante instead of being yet another emotional wreck. Someone on the canvas needs to have some fun. Why not the once cute and charming Dante and Lulu?