Credit: In '08, he blacked out and lost his love. (

I don’t know why I have my eye on the calendar, it’s not like I’m expecting an Emmy nomination on April 30 for cryin’ out loud. It must be because I’m anxious for our friends at General Hospital who have, at this point, earned a pre-nomination. For example, Tyler Christopher put in a strong year of drama in ’07 and I am really hoping it pays off when the nominees are announced on “The View” the morning of the 30th. (35th Annual Emmy Noms.) The last time we spoke, Tyler told me that the pre-nomination is flattering, but that he hopes this year it translates into an actual nomination. “To be in the company of Steve and Tony is truly an honor,” he added. I’ll say! Tony Geary (Luke Spencer) has won five Emmy’s as Lead Actor and Steve Burton (Jason Morgan) has received one as Supporting Actor. Tyler has enjoyed “going to the dance”, as they say, as a nominee three times, but has yet to make it to the stage, speech in hand. His prior nominations were twice for Supporting Actor and once for Younger Actor. With the tumultuous year that Prince Nikolas endured in 2007 behind him, I’d say that Tyler’s “promotion” to the Lead Actor category is well deserved. His character’s agony over losing (and possibly even killing) Emily is palpable and on the rare occasion when he finally cracks a smile, I find myself feeling relieved that Nikolas might just be okay after all.

I certainly hope so, because we all find ourselves shouting at the TV, “Nikolas, don’t forget you have a son!” On that note, I asked Tyler if fans can expect to see more time with Nikolas and the newly recast toddler who plays his son Spencer before he disappears and comes back with facial hair. He said, “I think their relationship is important to play at this stage because he is the heir to the throne and needs to be protected. He also is the only reason Nikolas has for having the surgery to remove the tumor. Without Spencer, Nikolas is reduced to a martyr.”