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“General Hospital” weekly rundown for May 23 – 27:

Last week, two big storylines came to a head, but they seem to be far from over. A few other things crept in there as well, so let’s get to it.

Facing the music.
Well, Lisa finally got busted. I liked that Patrick and Robin weren’t fooled by her this time and got the upper hand, but I had to laugh at how they recounted how they pieced everything together via flashbacks a la “Scooby Doo.” I expected someone to rip their face off revealing they were really someone else. As we know from our interview with Jason Thompson and Kimberly McCullough, even though Lisa was arrested, that was not the last the Drakes will see of her. It’s not that I want Lisa to be written off, but I would like her to focus her craziness on someone else for a while. Kudos to Johnny though for not helping her get out of jail and walking away in disgust when she tried to manipulate him by referencing Claudia. I hope it’s not the last we see of those two, because I think they could be a diabolically fun couple together.


Speaking of Johnny, I’m not really sure what his agenda is with Michael. He seems to want to protect him from Anthony, but then he also wants him to work for him. Is he playing Michael or his father these days? As for Anthony, why would he visit the hit woman he’s being accused of hiring to kill Brandon? The interrogation room at the police station gets more traffic than Kelly’s or the Metro Court. I would think it would look a little incriminating on his part. But then again, he is a little off his rocker.

Zero days sober.

After feeling like he was turning into his father, Luke finally decided to enter rehab. However, once he got to the all-purpose Shadybrook, he seemingly bribed someone to let him out. Since it’s not court mandated, I would think Luke could leave rehab anytime he wanted though. Maybe I just interpreted that scene wrong, but either way it seems Luke does not stay in rehab long. I get that it’s sort of in character for him to run, but after all the angst and tears and soul searching, it’s kind of a let down that Luke won’t be going through with rehab. It’s also a slap in Lucky’s face since he feels Luke’s alcoholism contributed to Jake’s death. Who knows, maybe Luke is going off to sober up on his own. Or maybe Helena grabs him again.