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Updated on June 26:

You read it here (below). The cast of GH is so taken by a certain health drink that it was actually written into a storyline! The episode that aired on June 20th had Jason (Steve Burton) sick with fever after being exposed to an Asian flu. Spinelli (Bradford Anderson) promptly brought him an elixir made from a Brazilian nut mixed with the juice of several fruits. At first Jason didn’t want to drink it, but after have a sip he had to admit that he felt better. Hmmm, can you say “product placement?”

Updated on June 12:

Debbie Morris, President of the GH Fan Club, contacted to talk about this product. She reports that so many of the GH actors are now involved with the health drink that they joke about getting a dispenser at the studio. In addition to Steve Burton, Derk Cheetwood and Michael Saucedo, Natalia Livingston and Rick Hearst are now big supporters of its benefits. If you want to find out more about it an why so many of your favorite GH actors are involved, you can request info here: email.

(As Reported in April)

We’ve seen young Jason Quartermaine on the road to a career in medicine and head-injured Jason Morgan take up the life of a mob enforcer, but how about taking a look at Steve Burton’s business life outside of his Emmy award-winning acting on General Hospital? Within the past year, Burton was introduced to a business that has turned into a true passion for him and his wife Sheree. So much so, in fact, that he dedicates some of his time off camera to speaking on behalf of the business and mentoring potential associates. The product? A health drink that features the amazing so-called “crown jewel” Brazilian acai berry.

The berry, widely recognized for its antioxidant power, is combined in a beverage with 18 other super fruits and taken in two two-ounce “tastings” per day. Steve credits a GH
makeup artist for introducing it to him, and after trying it for a couple weeks he and his wife both found that they were sleeping better and had more energy. Prior to that, he admits to have been “…hooked on sugar-free Red Bull” but now proudly says that it’s this drink that gives him his energy.