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Although the storylines this week have remained consistent with what’s on the canvas now, General Hospital’s rich 45-year history has been bantered about by fans and industry insiders all week. Earlier in the week, I tallied and posted the results of your favorites through the years (Happy 45th B-Day, Part I) and now, as promised, I’ll share what some of the actors have told me about theirs. Note: not only was Jason Gerhardt (If you can’t get enough of Coop, read here: Past Interview with Jason Gerhardt.) happy to talk to again, he shared his twisted sense of humor with us in the form of some of his responses. Thank you Jason, your fans will love hearing from you!

Favorite storyline?
Carolyn Hennesy (If you can’t get enough of “Diane”, read here: Past Interview with Carolyn Hennesy.): Diane and Alexis’ Big Adventure (followed only by Robert Scorpio wooing Holly)

Nazanin Boniadi (If you can’t get enough of “Leyla”, read here: Past Interview with Nazanin Boniadi.): The adventures of Spinelli and Maxi. Those two are hilarious!

Jason Gerhardt (Coop): Cooper Barrett forced to be an informant for Sonny Corinthos.

Favorite male actor?
Carolyn: Rick Hearst
Nazanin: Rick Hearst
Jason: Maurice Benard

Favorite female actor?
Carolyn: Genie Francis
Nazanin: Sarah Brown
Jason: Kirsten Storms

Favorite couple?
Carolyn: Luke & Laura
Nazanin: Hands down…Patrick & Robin
Jason: Cooper Barrett & Sonny Corinthos

Favorite “Love to hate” character?
Carolyn: Trevor Lansing
Nazanin: Anthony Z!
Jason: Mr. Craig, James Brosnan, Mr. Morreau, Jerry Jacks – did I miss any?