A Maxie freak out. (Soaps.com)

“General Hospital” weekly rundown for May 9 – 13:

Last week’s “General Hospital” gave us a rescue, more secrets, some bonding and a little bit of humor. Quite a bit happened, so let’s get to it.

To the rescue.
On the jet on the way to San Antonio, Carly told Sonny she never regretted making Sonny her sons’ father. Really? Because I seem to remember her trying to cut him out of their lives on a couple of occasions fearing for their safety. That aside, I was happy to see Carly accompany Sonny and Dante to find Suzanne and Lucian, who actually turned out to be Alec. Brenda’s erratic behavior probably would have been a hindrance more than a help and it was kind of nice that Jason wasn’t part of the cavalry this time. Sonny actually had to do his own grunt work and Carly was calmly reassuring to the boy. When Dante and Sonny confronted Suzanne though, she held a knife to Sonny’s throat and Dante got a shot off, but I have a pretty good feeling he didn’t shoot anyone.

While the trio went off to get Brenda’s boy, she stayed behind to freak out about it. Even though I should have sympathy for a woman whose son is missing, I feel none of it for her. I just find her whiny, fragile and annoying. I’m not sure why they insist on portraying Brenda as so weak, but I seriously hope something changes. I did like Jax telling her no matter who else is in their lives, Sonny and Carly will always be drawn to each other and possibly have sex. It’s so true. What do you think of Brenda’s situation? Vote in our General Hospital Poll: Should Brenda Have Been Left Behind?

More secrets.
Siobhan learned the truth about Aiden, but didn’t tell Lucky he’s the boy’s father. I never understand why characters on soaps think it’s a good idea to keep something so huge a secret. It never turns out well. I’m not really even sure why she wouldn’t tell him. Because she’s worried he’ll go back to Elizabeth? That reason doesn’t seem to fit Siobhan, besides he told her it was too late for him and Liz. I really like Siobhan and Lucky together, but I can’t imagine he’ll easily forgive her for keeping the knowledge about his son from him.