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Martin Luther King Jr. had a dream in 1963, John F. Kennedy lovers lived a nightmare the same year and a first-class postage stamp cost four cents. Tony Bennett’s “I Left My Heart in San Francisco” won Grammy’s Record of the Year and Julia Child made her television debut. Another landmark for the year was the launching of General
. In fact, it was April fool’s day when ABC launched its first daytime serial and GH has since gone on to become the
longest-running daytime serial for the network.

I can speak from experience on how passionate GH fans are about “their” soap (Have you seen our GH Message Board?), so I thought the occasion was the perfect time to ask them to recall some of their favorites through the years.

The Favorite Storyline seems to be when Jason Quartermaine suffered a head injury and ended up becoming Jason Morgan. Other mentions were Luke and Laura’s love, Liz’s rape and the Ice Princess caper. (Poster) Mother of an Angel said, “I’ve always enjoyed the fun story lines. Lucy and Doc (let’s not forget Sigmund), The Nurses Ball, Eddie Maine, Jax and Ned as buddies, Tiffany Hill always getting in the way while trying to be a reporter,Kevin and Mac going undercover as women, the Q’s family fights, Luke pulling a con for whatever reason, and Dillon and Spin as the latest generation of comic talent on the show.”

The winner in the Favorite Actor category was pretty clear-cut: Steve Burton (Jason Quartermaine Morgan.) Tyler Christopher (Nikolas), Tony Geary (Luke) and Josh Duhan (Logan) scored their share of votes, as well. Although he didn’t take the most votes, Rick Hearst (Ric), (poster)
RainStormRaider wrote, “Rick Hearst is the best thing to happen to GH in a very long time. He is a class act who raises the intensity of every scene
and he brings out the best in his partners. There is always that essence of vulnerability and truth to his portrayal of Ric.”

As for Favorite Actress, Genie Frances (Laura Spencer), Kirsten Storms (Maxie), Nancy Lee Grahn (Alexis), and Kimberly McCullough (Robin) scored big but it was Rebecca Herbst (Elizabeth Webber) who took the title. (Poster) tweetyb-86 sums it up nicely, “She has me cheering her on one minute and wanting to wring her neck the next and I love it!” It should come as no surprise then when the Favorite Couple was voted to be Jason and Elizabeth, however historical couples received many favorable mentions. Luke & Laura (of course!), Robin & Anna, Robin & Jason and Robin & Stone to name a few.

Who do GH fans most Love to Hate? Carly Corinthos is the clear winner. Also mentioned were Ric, Maxie and Lucky, but it was (poster) Soap Dweeb’s comments about Sam that deserve a mention, “I can’t stand her most of the time, but I love how strong she is and isn’t afraid to fight and get dirty.”

The winner for Best Villain goes to Helena Cassadine (who was played by Elizabeth Taylor in 1981). Names like Manny Ruiz, Jerry Jacks, Faith Roscoe and Joe Scully were bantered about but it’s hard to beat the Greek Matriarch’s history of beheading Alexis’s mom and downright torturing her own family.