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“General Hospital” weekly rundown for May 2 – 6:

Last week’s “General Hospital” pitted a few couples against each other, while others further solidified their bonds. A few other things happened as well, including a few of the same gripes, so let’s get to it.

Picking sides.

I’m having a hard time with Jax being made to be the bad guy. I know he’s kind of a broken record regarding Josslyn and her being in danger with Carly, but he does have a point. Sonny and Jason’s world is not safe and Carly is never far from the danger. So, Shawn calling Jax a bully just makes me like the former less. I really want to like Shawn, but this is not the way to go about it because Jax isn’t the bad guy or a bully. He just wants his daughter to be safe and I can’t fault him for that. Where do you stand? Vote in our General Hospital Poll: Jax and Carly’s Custody Battle.

The fallout.
Aside from Ethan, Luke’s family stood their ground and froze him out after he decided not to seek treatment. I’m glad this story has continued and didn’t neatly wrap up after the intervention, but something else needs to happen now so that we can see something other than Luke beat himself up at the Haunted Star.

Wrench in the works.
Lucky and Siobhan have really grown on me. They are a sweet couple who married for a green card, but only after already having a relationship. Unlike many other marriages of convenience on soaps that eventually develop into something more, we won’t have to watch that cliché play out, because they already dig each other. Instead, the secret of Lucky being Aiden’s father is looming over them. I’m liking this storyline so far, which also includes Lucky and Nikolas being brothers again. I will be sad to watch Nikolas have to give up his son to his recently reconciled brother. I’m guessing that will be the catalyst for Nikolas’ exit, which I’m also not looking forward to.