Concern that another soap opera is in jeopardy?

Updated March 26:

Katie Couric’s talk show will premiere on September 10, but what time will it air? When asked, a rep for “General Hospital” told, “‘Katie’ is syndicated, so different time periods and different affiliates (meaning not all ABC). Though a large percentage of stations will air at 3:00 PM.”

Updated March 9:

TV Guide Magazine is hearing from sources close Couric and her executive producer Jeff Zucker that the duo want “General Hospital” to stay on the air as her lead in. Considering the ABC soap’s rise in ratings, compared to “The Revolution’s” poorer showing, as well as not wanting to face a boycott from the soap’s fans, it looks like Couric could actually help save “General Hospital” when it comes time for the network to replace one of their Daytime shows.

Updated January 10:

ABC president Paul Lee addressed the unsure fate of “General Hospital” at the Television Critics Association (TCA) winter press tour on Tuesday January 10. Unfortunately, there still isn’t any firm news on ABC’s remaining Daytime drama, leaving soap fans hanging.

Per TVLine, Lee said, “I’m a fan of ‘General Hospital’, but we have not made a decision, and we do not have a time frame for [making that call] either.”

Same day update:

A rep for ABC told, “The announcement does not mean the inevitable cancellation of ‘General Hospital.’ Rather it means that in September 2012 we will program our Daytime block with our three strongest shows. We’ll have options for the Daytime daypart just like we do each year with Primetime. We believe in all of our shows and the ones that our viewers want, will be the ones that continue. There are many options that could happen…only time will tell…we are simply giving ourselves options for the future, which is a smart way to do business. The best way to ensure a favorite show stays on the air is to watch it.”

He further explained, “At that time (September ’12), we will be deciding on all of the shows’ future…not just ‘GH’.”

Updated June 6:

Today’s announcement confirmed that Katie Couric will begin her Daytime talk show on ABC in the fall of 2012. She will take over the 3.00 PM timeslot in several markets. There is no word yet how, or if, it will affect “General Hospital.” However, ABC has announced in a press release that they continue to support the remaining ABC soap.’s request to the network for comment has not yet been returned.

Updated June 3:

Katie Couric’s anticipated deal with ABC is reportedly being finalized. Details are expected to be released on Monday June 6, which may or may not affect the future of “General Hospital.”

Updated May 6:

CNN is reporting that Katie Couric’s move to ABC isn’t a done deal since CBS has the right to match any offers. In addition, according to CNN’s unidentified sources, Katie’s role at ABC still needs to be determined and talk of her show replacing “General Hospital” on ABC is speculation at this point. Per the article, nothing is expected to happen for a few weeks until it’s clear what CBS will do in regards to a counter offer. Katie Couric’s contract with CBS is up next month.

Originally posted May 5:

TMZ is reporting that Katie Couric is busy settling a $20 million deal with ABC that would give the American journalist and anchor her own talk show, as well as involvement in ABC News. When heard Couric was leaving CBS “Evening News,” we automatically wondered what that could mean for the 48 year old soap opera “General Hospital.” Right on the heels of losing ABC’s All My Children and One Life To Live, journalists and soap fans aren’t ready to lose yet another.

TMZ explains, “ABC would also give Katie a 1-hour, 5-day-a-week syndicated talk show, that would begin in September, 2012. Our sources say … one option ABC is considering is giving its affiliates back the hour where “General Hospital” airs to make room for Katie. In other words, ABC would axe the third, longest-running soap in history and the last one standing on ABC.”

Whether this is pure conjecture or will become reality remains to be seen. will update you regarding any news.