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“General Hospital” weekly rundown for April 25 – 29:

Aside from Luke’s intervention, last week’s “General Hospital” continued to dole out storylines that I’m not all that fired up about. I’ve already expressed my irritation over them, so in the spirit of supporting the soon to be last ABC soap on the air, I will only focus on things that I liked in Port Charles in this week’s blog. Let’s break it all down.

Whatever your feelings on this storyline, no one can deny Luke’s intervention episode was chock full of amazing performances. In fact, the whole episode was done incredibly well. Drugging Luke and tying him up might have been a bit much, but otherwise there wasn’t a false note. There were no over the top performances and no dramatically cheesy music. Even the flashbacks were seamlessly weaved in. I thought Tracy’s honesty about her role in enabling Luke and her insecurity about his feelings for her were poignant, but the most compelling scenes were those between Lucky and Luke. Heartbreaking stuff as Lucky told his dad how much he needed him – not the watered down, diminished version of him. The best part of it though was, true to character, Luke stood his ground, declaring he was not an alcoholic and that no one could blame his drinking on killing Jake. They just had to deal with the fact that he killed the boy all on his own. Even though his children, Tracy, Nikolas, Sonny and Carly vowed to cut him out of their lives should he choose not to seek treatment, Luke defiantly walked out on his intervention. It would have felt contrived if he hadn’t. Kudos “General Hospital.” What did you think? Vote in our General Hospital Poll: Thoughts on Luke’s Intervention.

Tiger blood.
Last week gave us a surprise Coleman sighting. I love when he pops up and per usual, he didn’t disappoint in amusing me. His conversation with Matt about how he couldn’t keep a classy lady like Kate around was hilarious. Adding to the fun was Matt’s cocky insight, as he relayed how he has been able to keep his own high maintenance gal Maxie interested. It was a much needed comedic break especially after Luke’s intense intervention.