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“General Hospital” weekly rundown for April 18 – 22:

Despite a couple of new developments, it didn’t feel like anything really different happened last week. Of course, a few things did stick out at me, so let’s break it all down.

Dr. who?

It would seem Lisa’s plan for Terrell to seduce Robin is off the table. Aside from the fact that the Drakes have reunited, Terrell hasn’t been seen in weeks. Will we ever see him again? Pretty pointless to even bring him on in my opinion. I’m hoping this whole thing with Lisa drugging Kristina will be forgotten just as quickly. Maybe Anthony’s interest in her will pull her out of Patrick and Robin’s orbit for good. One can only hope.

The plot thickens.
After hearing Suzanne tell someone on the phone that, “Grandma will be home soon,” it led me to believe she has Brenda’s real son stashed away somewhere. It’s actually a pretty good plan to distract Brenda with a substitute son so she doesn’t go looking for the real thing. However, I would think at some point Brenda would get a DNA test done. It would certainly happen in the real world anyway. But even in the fictional Port Charles, why on Earth would Brenda trust Suzanne after all the lies she’s told her for the past three years? I also have to wonder if Theo is with the boy as well and they faked his murder for show. His off screen death still has me suspicious.

Paternity secret.
Elizabeth is still keeping the truth about Aiden from Lucky and Nikolas so she doesn’t drive a wedge between the reconnected brothers. It’s a pretty flimsy excuse, but as the truth remains hidden, we got a nice scene of Nikolas talking to his son about the joys of having a brother. That scene, along with the continued progress he’s making with Lucky, makes me wish they’d do a whole lot more with Prince Nikolas instead of writing him off the show. The other positive to the paternity mess last week was Matt’s reaction to Maxie trying to explain her predicament without giving him specifics. He was funny, yet supportive and insightful. It’s really time to send these two on a caper together. But, speaking of the DNA reveal, will they bring Helena back to wrap this story up? I’d rather see her than more of crazy, over the top Anthony Zacchara.