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“General Hospital” weekly rundown for April 11 – 15:

Last week it was announced that One Life to Live and All My Children have been cancelled. It’s hard to imagine, but that means “General Hospital” will be the last ABC soap left on the air. As a whole, that will only leave four soaps on the Daytime landscape. It’s upsetting news for sure and it leaves us a little insecure about the remaining soaps’ futures. We will have to savor what is left of Llanview and Pine Valley and support “General Hospital” and the other three soaps as much as we can. While this news eclipsed anything that happened onscreen last week, life as we know it in Port Charles went on, so let’s get to it.

Was that it?

Nikolas told Brook Lynn he couldn’t see her anymore because he had to be there for his family in the aftermath of Jake’s death. I admire his loyalty to the Spencers, but I thought it seemed a little rash. I imagine he could benefit from her support when he’s emotionally drained. Regardless, he turned her away and she moved out of Wyndemere. It’s been reported that Adrianna Leon is leaving the show, but was that her last airdate? The reps at ABC wouldn’t confirm, but would you like to see more of her? Tell us in our General Hospital Poll: Brook Lynn’s Goodbye.

Circling the drain.
As Luke continued his trek to rock bottom, a worried Tracy urged Lucky to reach out to his father. I appreciate her concern for Luke, but she really needs to back off her stepson. Luke killed Lucky’s kid possibly because he was drinking and he is showing no signs of stopping. So leave Lucky alone already. He needs to grieve, not coddle his father.