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“General Hospital” weekly rundown for April 4 – 8:

Last week on “General Hospital,” the men got emotional, Brenda got a surprise and Carly got creative. Other things happened as well, so let’s get to it.

Missing in action.

As the show continued to delve into Luke, Lucky and Jason’s feelings and heartbreak regarding Jake’s death, Elizabeth was nowhere to be seen. I’m having a hard time understanding why Elizabeth’s grief isn’t as important as the men’s. I wonder if we will actually get to see her truly grieve or if Aiden’s paternity will just take center stage. I fear the latter.

Beating a dead horse.

I really don’t understand why they are pursuing Lisa’s obsession with Patrick. It should be laid to rest. Lisa should be allowed to move on with Johnny and Patrick and Robin should be allowed to move on to their next story. Does anyone even want to see Lisa figure out yet another way to get to Patrick via Kristina? It has run its course and is no longer good drama. Let it go already.

Since we didn’t see him die, I’m not entirely convinced Theo is dead. I sort of hope not because it’s a little unsatisfying that Brenda or Sonny didn’t get the chance to off him themselves. Regardless, Suzanne popped in with a little boy, claiming he was Brenda’s son. Lucian is adorable, but I’m a little skeptical regarding Suzanne’s claims. Brenda should be too. I’m with Sonny – she needs to get a DNA test. No surprise, Jason jumped right in and took over Lucian’s security detail, despite still grieving over his own child. Just once I’d like to see Jason not come to somebody’s rescue. It’d be an interesting change of pace for him not to care about anyone else and perhaps lash out a bit. Maybe take Luke’s lead and go on a bender. Anything, just something different for his character.