Hello Leyla! (ABC)

*Natalia Livingston will be around through May, albeit not in an earthly way.

*Jasper Jax will be played for three episodes the week of January 14 by Gideon Emery. (You might recognize Emery from Fox’s “24” or Passions.)
The reason? Ingo Rademacher is said to have asked for some time off due to a scheduling conflict. He’ll return to his role the week of January 21.

*Actor Gino Conforti comes to Port Charles on January 10 playing a character named Brother Franco. Conforti has done many films, TV shows and Broadway plays, including the original “Fiddler on the Roof”

*Brandan Barash (twisted Johnny Z.!) is now a contract player. And it’s a long-term agreement, we’re told. He was supposed to be killed off during November sweeps but has turned out to be a hit with the fans.

*Soaps.com has learned that Robin Christopher (Skye Quartermaine) has shot her last scenes in mid-December – making her last air date some time in mid-January. The actress and her husband have since moved their family to Pennsylvania.

*Soaps.com has just heard from Jason Gerhardt’s (Coop) manager, Anthony Barnao. Sadly, the powers that be decided not to pick up their option on Jason’s contract and he filmed his last scene on January 8. Barnao promises that there are many irons in the fire for Jason. No doubt Soaps.com will keep readers up to speed on his career. Good luck Jason, we will miss you!

*Expect to see Kate’s new interior decorator in Port Charles beginning December 6. The actor’s name is Christopher Shea and her character is named Chopaire.

*Rachel Ames (Audrey Hardy, Liz’s “Gram”) has retired after 43 years on GH. Enjoy your retirement Rachel – well deserved! An ABC spokeperson has said that the door will always been open for her to return.

*Looks like enterprising Dylan Cash (Michael Corinthos III) is doing a little moonlighting! He recently shot a new family movie called “Opposite Day” which also stars Pauly Shore, Renee Taylor and Joseph Bologna.