Nikolas Cassadine may be a prince, but his entrepreneurial portrayer is too busy burning both ends of the candle to sit on a throne. He co-founded the 68 Cent Crew Theater Company a couple years ago, and last fall the company has filmed a comedic TV pilot called STAGE 4. (Before you start to worry that this means that Tyler’s days on General Hospital are numbered, remember that Tyler signed a three-year contract last summer.) The pilot is currently being pitched to networks to see where it can go.

Tyler has said that the premise of STAGE 4 is to show the “comedic perils” that a small theater company endures as it goes about the business of putting a play together. The offbeat characters are quirky and very impatient as they wait or their respective turns to smear their hands in cement on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Tyler plays a hunk named Zach who refuses to do a male-on-male kiss simply to drive ticket sales. Other actors included are Ronnie Marmo, Jamison Jones, Brian Austin Green (from Beverly Hills 90210) and fellow GH actor Kimberly McCullough (Robin Scorpio) plays Zach’s girlfriend.