A dire diagnosis. (Soaps.com)

General Hospital weekly rundown for March 14 – March 18:

The main things to happen in Port Charles last week revolved around Jake getting hit by a car and Josslyn being diagnosed with cancer. I will discuss the outcome of Jake’s surgery in this week’s blog, so if you don’t want to know what happens to the little guy, you might want to read this after Monday’s episode. Before we get to the crash and cancer diagnosis though, a few other things happened, so let’s get to it.

The buildup.

Before Carly and Jax learned Josslyn had cancer, Carly tried to set her husband up to make it look like he stole the jewels Luke had in his possession. It was a pretty stupid subplot in my opinion. When Agent Bates entered the scene, he threatened to arrest both Jax and Luke for the crime, but let it go because he didn’t want to deal with the potential headache Alexis, Luke, Jax, Ethan and Carly posed for him. Um, sure. The only good thing about it was that Jax wasn’t fazed by Carly’s shenanigans. Carly should have known the threat of being arrested for something he didn’t do wouldn’t rattle this “former corporate raider with shady business tactics.”

As for Carly’s son, Michael decided it was more important to prove himself worthy of joining the mob, by overseeing an illegal shipment, than staying out of prison. One would think his experience with Carter would have set him on the straight and narrow for the rest of his life. Guess not.

Meanwhile, Johnny sent Robin and Lisa on a treasure hunt for the syringe. He told Lisa that it was really all about her letting go of Patrick. If he really wanted that to happen, why didn’t he just turn the syringe over to the cops or give it to Robin? And will the syringe really be that damning? I’m not sure how Robin will prove it was the same one she claims Lisa used to try and inject her IV with.