A little levity in the afternoon. (Soaps.com)

General Hospital weekly rundown for March 7 – March 11:

Last week, Brenda was finally rescued, Elizabeth took a couple of hits and I was left wanting more from a few of Port Charles’ most charming couples. Other things happened as well, so let’s break it all down.

Coming to a close.
I’m so happy Brenda was rescued from the Balkan. Not because I was worried she would actually die, but because I am so over this storyline. I’m also glad she will finally get out of that dress. I found it funny that Sonny insisted to his son he and Brenda had no more secrets between them when Dante suggested Brenda’s baby was still alive, which is why the Balkan was after her. How does Sonny know? They didn’t have five minutes alone after he learned in front of everyone that Brenda was even pregnant and supposedly miscarried. At this point, I’m not sure if Brenda is telling the truth, but I definitely suspect Suzanne has the child hidden somewhere. My only question in this whole mess now is – is Jules dead? Unless I missed something, he came to Sonny with a knife in his back and we never saw him again. Did Sonny get him help, leave him to his own devices at the Metro Court, or throw him in the harbor? I wonder if we’ll ever find out.

No morning after.
There’s a good chance we’ll never know if Jules is dead or alive, considering Nikolas and Brook finally had sex on Tuesday last week and we’ve yet to see them resurface. Maybe they are still getting it on all over Wyndemere. That would actually be funny if the next time we see them it’s days later and they’re still recovering from their marathon sex session.