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General Hospital weekly rundown for February 28 – March 4:

Even though Brenda was kidnapped right after her wedding and Sam’s condition was up in the air for a bit, I didn’t feel like anything was really at stake. We know Sonny will eventually get Brenda back and we knew Sam would survive and that her hearing would return, so watching it all play out left me feeling pretty uninspired. However, other things happened as well, so let’s break it all down.

The highs.

While it was a pretty ho-hum week for me, there were a few things I enjoyed. I continue to like Shawn, especially with the hints of the decent person he probably is despite the fact that he was working for the Balkan. I truly hope they give us more insight into him. Jason’s reaction to Sam in peril was also pretty good. I genuinely felt like he loved her and that he would have been devastated had she not survived. He even stuck around until she recovered instead of heading out to help Sonny find Brenda, which was pretty admirable. A newly shorn Nikolas and Brook admitted they had feelings for each other, which was sweet. I just hope Nik takes Lucky’s suggestion and gets out of his own way so he can be happy with her. Jax and Carly finally talked about their marriage ending. I wish there was more angst injected in their conversations, but at least they acknowledged their marriage was over and found some sort of common ground regarding Sonny and Brenda. The mystery surrounding Suzanne’s involvement with Brenda and her baby continued to pique my interest. That’s about the only thing we don’t really know right now so I’m enjoying the sole bit of intrigue there is on the show. The Davis women rallying together and the moment between Tracy and Luke after he took care of Edward were also high points.